Fact Check: Hungary Is NOT A Company And Has NOT Been Abolished


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Fact Check: Hungary Is NOT A Company And Has NOT Been Abolished Pseudolaw

Is Hungary a company that was abolished according to a series of Statement of Facts documents? No, that's not true: Hungary is still a state, and the referred documents are part of a conspiracy rooted in the US, claiming that Hungary is an already abolished company, not a state which means that people shouldn't respect the law enforcement and can stop paying their mortgages back, among many other things.

UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) is a standardized set of laws introduced in 1953 in the US to make it easier for companies to operate across state lines.

The claim appeared in a video (archived here) published on TikTok by @igazmagyar33 on August 20, 2023 under the title:

The company called Hungary doesn't exist anymore, it's illegal, it was abolished! (Statement of Facts nr.2012127914 OPPT UCC document and the nr.201908068354208 UCC document)

(Translated from Hungarian by Lead Stories Staff)

This is what the post looked like on TikTok at the time of writing:


(Source: TikTok screenshot taken on Wed Sep 6 16:16:50 2023 UTC)

The US Sovereign Citizens movement, a group that espouses the individual's right to ignore any country's laws, has a Hungarian branch claiming that Hungary is not a state but a company registered in New York state. A company can not have a police force or citizens which means that people shouldn't cooperate with police. The US Sovereign Citizens movement also believes that according to the One People's Public Trust and the Uniform Commercial Code (OPPT UCC), all governments and companies were abolished worldwide on December 25, 2012, including Hungary.

Hungary has been a republic since October 23, 1989, when the socialist regime changed and parliamentary democracy was established. Hungary is an existing country, a member of the UN since 1955, which means that its independence and statehood are recognized by all the other UN members. The Hungarian government is also legal. It was formed after the last parliamentary elections in April 2022. The EU recognized the election results, and the head of the EU Commission congratulated the reelection of Viktor Orban.

According to an FBI report on the Sovereign Citizen Movement from 2011, the believers of the theory "file legitimate IRS and Uniform Commercial Code forms for illegitimate purposes, believing that doing so correctly will compel the U.S. Treasury to fulfill its debts, such as credit card debts, taxes, and mortgages." It is not clear what precisely those documents mentioned in the claim mean, but according to one of the Hungarian UCC websites, they are alleged legal forms that prove that the owner of the paper is a person independent from governments and is not obliged to pay their debts back, among many other things.

Hungarian believers of this theory think that the country was sold to the Rothschilds and became a company registered in New York when the name of the country was changed from the Republic of Hungary to Hungary in 2012 when the country's new constitution was introduced.

Believers in these conspiracy theories make their way to Hungarian news usually when they upload videos of themselves refusing to cooperate with police officers during roadside checks. After a case in September, 2022, the police gave out a statement saying that the claims in the video were false and chief officers monitoring the proceedings found everything legal.


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